Your first relationship is the acceptance and loving of yourself. Finding out who you are involves memories of your past, understanding yourself in the present, and identifying aspects of your future goals to ultimately be a stronger version of yourself. Having a trusting, caring, and confidential environment is essential to discover your core beliefs, behaviors, and challenges. 

We will work one-on-one and collaborate to work on all areas of your life and set goals for positive personal growth because we all want the best of what life has to offer us.


Feeling lonely in a relationship? Have you lost your identity being part of a couple? Did something significant happen recently to affect the relationship? Before you can build or repair a relationship between individuals, you have to acknowledge that you and your partner are unique with different personalities, values, religious backgrounds, interests, and other factors. 

The key to any relationship is communication. When we stop communicating, we stop sharing ourselves with the other and soon feel like an afterthought. You not only have to interact with each other, but with society also. When you box up your personal issues, it can reflect on the outside world that can compound the situation. 

We can discover and build conflict resolution tools thru Couples Therapy that will resolve and reinforce the positive bond you built when you met to a lasting loving relationship.


So why are you here? Are you seeking empowerment over your life, career, or family… or a combination? Are you trying to find balance or direction in your life? Are you actually happy with your accomplishments? Every step you took has gotten to where you are now… but where is that, you ask? Deep down, you know you have lost direction and aren’t sure how you got lost. We all have been there and sometimes we just need a little help to guide us through our current physical, spiritual, and mental challenges. 

Are you ready to take your life back, or take it to the next level? So let’s maximize your potential with encouragement and guidance that will separate you from the pack and help find your purpose. We will overcome obstacles, nurture your attributes, and clarify your vision. Let’s find your own unique path and create a customized strategy for your success!


Sensing something is wrong with your child, and feeling helpless to fix it, can be frustrating as a loving parent or guardian. Children find it hard to put their feelings into words or are afraid of being judged. Not being able to express themselves can manifest into silence, anger, or even disruptive behavior. Using Play Therapy provides a safe environment for children to communicate without using words. 

Play Therapy allows children to show their creative thinking, release emotions, accomplish tasks, and explore their environment thru play. Together we will explore the hidden troubles they feel and build their self-confidence both inside the therapy sessions and at home, which will allow self-healing and self-acceptance by your child.